Global Biomedical and Lewis Drug Announce Their Partnership

Lewis Drug and Global Biomedical Announce Partnership to Begin Offering the Comfort Release® Platform in Its Locations

February 13, 2019 10:32 AM EST / NAPLES, FL—Global Biomedical Technologies (GBT), an emerging MedTech company that has developed the world’s first switchable smart medical adhesive product platform, and Lewis Drug, the 56 store neighborhood pharmacy spanning across South Dakota, Iowa, and Minnesota, announced their partnership today to integrate the Comfort Release® platform into its pharmacy locations in February 2019.

The affiliation between the two companies will provide Lewis Drug customers with a new portfolio of pain-free medical adhesive products for sensitive skin wound management, starting with acute care bandages and transparent tape, and will continue to expand the portfolio resource throughout the year to include advanced options such as foam and transparent dressings. The new platform integrates smoothly into the pharmacy’s current acute care offerings by expanding and simplifying the process of managing sensitive skin based wounds for seniors and children, which ultimately benefits both pharmacies, patients, and providers.

“The addition of the Comfort Release® platform has really streamlined a continuum of care process of assisting patients with managing their wounds along with their sensitive skin needs. It has also been extremely helpful when trying to find a cost-effective alternative for certain medical bandages and tapes that are not completely pain-free at the time of removal,” said Troy Claussen, Category Manager at Lewis Drug.

Lewis Drug and GBT both take pride in offering superior customer quality of care and the accessibility to new innovations that will help patients improve healing and ultimately save money.

The partnership with GBT will add to Lewis Drug’s existing portfolio of acute care product options available to assist its retail customers. “We are honored to work with Lewis Drug to bring to market a unique and best in class smart medical adhesive portfolio that will forever change the way sensitive skin based wounds are treated,” said Dr. Howard Rosing, President and CEO of GBT. “This is a critical time in healthcare as we face an ever-rising population of seniors combined with an anticipated boom in America’s birth rate, and we can use innovation to give pharmacies a tremendous advantage every day.”

About Lewis Drug
Lewis Drug has been the first stop community pharmacy with locations spanning South Dakota, Iowa, and Minnesota for the past 76 years. The 56 store community pharmacy and market leader is committed to providing a range of outstanding pharmacy services, friendly customer service, and exceptional prices. For more information, visit www.lewisdrug.com

About Global Biomedical Technologies
GBT is an emerging MedTech company leading the advancement of a smart medical adhesive platform for acute and advanced wound care that intelligently can function to optimally adhere and release pain-free on command which can improve patients’ comfort level during the healing experience. For more information, visit www.comfortrelease.com

GBT / TJ Douglas, 470-636-4410

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Global Biomedical Technologies Introduces Comfort Release® Smart Adhesive “Switch” Technology, Presents Clinical and Scientific Research Poster

The world’s first adhesive with a smart and switchable function to showcase new clinical data and innovations at the 2018 5th Annual Innovations in Wound Healing meeting

Key West, FL  (December 7, 2018) Global Biomedical Technologies (GBT) has expanded its portfolio of research innovations beyond its first commercial product launch of Comfort Release® acute care/first aid wound bandages and tapes with a 2019 entry into the advanced wound care market space. GBT featured this novel adhesive technology along with acute and advanced product samples at the 5th Annual Innovations in Wound Healing meeting held at the Casa Marina Key West Hotel and Convention Center in Key West, FL, December 7, 2018.

In addition to introducing currently available Comfort Release® acute care and first aid bandages and tapes at the meeting, GBT provided a preview of its entry into advanced wound care by sharing samples of its new portfolio of foam border and transparent adhesive dressings, and IV catheter and tubing securement dressings within its exhibit hall booth. The new portfolio is scheduled to launch in the US during the first quarter of 2019. GBT also featured a clinical poster presentation at the meeting titled, “The Benefits of Oligomeric Switch Adhesives in Advancing Wound Care” as the breakthrough Peel Strength and MVTR data will support both the acute and advanced wound product portfolios.

“Removal of wound coverings remains a significant challenge for the healthcare community,” said Dr. Howard Rosing, President of GBT. “Each year, there are 1.5 million injuries associated with adhesive bandage removal in the U.S. alone.” Comfort Release® acute and advanced wound management products are important new options for clinicians and caregivers working to manage wounds of all kinds. Leveraging GBT’s 8 years of developing the technology, which led to the achievement of 7 patents to support this smart switchable adhesive platform, we recognize that there is no single solution in wound care, and we continue to expand our portfolio and deliver on our mission of commercializing new innovations in adhesives which will lead to the next generation of options to manage, treat, and deliver appropriate care at the skin surface level”

A recent article published in Wound Source by Laurie Swezey, RN, CWOCN titled, “How to Decrease Pain Associated with Wound Dressing Changes,” demonstrates the potential for the Comfort Release® Smart Switchable Pain – Free adhesive technology as the number one remedy cited is to choose the correct dressing that won’t adhere to the wound bed and can be easily removed.

“We are dedicated to innovation in smart adhesive science to improve clinical outcomes and support healthcare providers,” said Dr. Rosing. “We are excited to finally showcase the translation of our scientific developments with proven clinical results to be achieved in the marketplace.”

About Global Biomedical Technologies
Global Biomedical Technologies is based in Naples, FL and is a commercial consortium comprised of leading academic medical researchers, and governed by a board of directors who are leading experts in adhesive innovations, patient care, and downstream market strategy. For more information, visit www.comfortrelease.com.

Media Contact: TJ Douglas – 470.636.4410 – tdouglas@comfortrelease.com

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Comfort Release® Bandages Now Available to the Public

Comfort Release ProductsCheered by moms, doctors and nurses, Comfort Release® bandages and adhesive tapes are putting smiles on the faces of patients and caregivers.

Invented by Howard Rosing* MD, PhD, Comfort Release® uses a patented technology that sticks when you need it and releases when you don’t.

Comfort Release® is a product developed by Global Biomedical Technologies to transform the medical bandage industry in the way wounds are treated now and into the future.

Global Biomedical Technologies president Rosing stated, “I expect this product to revolutionize the bandage industry because of the ease of use, the simplicity and practicality of the way the adhesive works to bring comfort and safety to the patient and user. It won’t re-open old wounds like traditional bandages.”

Each year, there are 1.5 million skin injuries associated with adhesive bandage removal in the U.S. alone. Dr. Rosing created the unique adhesive in response to a call from the medical community for bandaging that covers wounds, sticks well when you want it to and doesn’t adversely impact wounds when the bandage or tape is removed. Unlike traditional bandages that often remove hair and even skin along with the bandage, Comfort Release® bandages and tapes come off easily with no pain or discomfort.

Comfort Release® bandages and tapes are recommended by doctors and nurses for people with sensitive skin, thin skin, fragile skin, skin that bruises easily or anyone on medications.

And it’s not just the medical community that is giving this new product rave reviews. In test trials, moms overwhelmingly preferred affordable Comfort Release bandages because the bandages stay in place during normal bathing and physical activity, yet release gently when removed.

See the clinical studies and testimonials for results.

Comfort Release® instructional videos and testimonials
Clinical Evaluations
Research Papers

*Howard Rosing, MD, PHD, is president and CEO of Global Biomedical Technologies

Website: https://comfortrelease.com
Contact: info@comfortrelease.com
(o): 470-636-4410

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