Our Products

Advanced Adhesive Technology

Comfort Release® provides the latest in cutting-edge medical adhesive products. They are the first and only releasable, replaceable, adjustable, painless adhesive bandages and tape.

Easy to Remove
Removes skin pain and trauma upon removal using rubbing alcohol, with minimal to no residue

Tiny perforations in fabric and backing material

Replaceable & Adjustable
Easy to replace or reposition on skin using rubbing alcohol

Water Resistant
Designed to withstand regular bathing and short swims

Skin Friendly
Ideal for anyone with sensitive skin due to age, injury or illness

Long Lasting
Designed for wear up to seven days

Solutions for Every Skin Care Setting

Our product portfolio supports use across many healthcare and at-home settings.

Medical Products Springs, FL

Acute Care
and First Aid Solutions

Advanced Wound Care
and Prevention Solutions

A First-of-Its-Kind Product

Comfort Release® pain-free skin and wound care solutions are different from any other product on the market. Having a patent to back that up doesn’t hurt, either. Comfort Release® has been awarded a U.S. Patent No. 10,329,458.