Product Evaluation with Nurses

Comfort Release - Product Evaluation 1

GROUP: Nurses with an average of nearly 20 years of pediatric, adult and geriatric experience.

Phase 1: The first part of this evaluation consisted only of questions before being shown our Comfort Release products. Here are the results:

Trauma to a Wound (or Surrounding Area) Rarely Occurs While Removing a Bandage/Dressing

All nurses agreed that skin pain and skin trauma is a major problem in healthcare settings.

89% – Disagree
11% – Somewhat Agree

Removal of Bandage is a Significant Problem in Wound Care Management

Three quarters of nurses agreed that bandage removal can cause significant problems during wound management.

56% – Agree
22% – Disagree
22% – Possibly

Patients Complain of Pain During Dressing/Bandage Removal

Most nurses agreed that patients frequently complain about pain and discomfort.

89% – Agree
11% – Somewhat Disagree

Phase 2: After seeing, testing and trying Comfort Release bandages the same nurses reported the following:

Pain & Trauma Associated with Dressing Removal will be Positively Affected by Comfort Release

All nurses agreed that pain and trauma associated with bandage removal would be positively affected by Comfort Release in healthcare setting.

100% – Agree

Frequency of Skin Tears will Decrease with Use of Comfort Release Dressings

All nurses agreed that skin tears would decrease when using Comfort Release dressings.

100% – Agree

Comfort Release will Improve Patient Comfort During Dressing Removal

All nurses agreed that Comfort Release will improve patient comfort when removing dressings.

100% – Agree