Clinical Support

The Clinical Case for Comfort Release®

Results from Three Product Evaluations.

Product Evaluation with Adults

The evaluation included 100 adult participants who answered questions before and after wearing Comfort Release® bandages for 2-3 days. Participants were not compensated and were given limited background information and simple label instructions for use.

Product Evaluation with Children

The evaluation included 100 children and their consenting adult. Participants provided answers about their experience with other adhesive products and with Comfort Release®. Each child received a gift certificate to Toys “R” Us.

Product Evaluation with Nurses

The evaluation included nine nurses with an average of nearly 20 years of pediatric, adult and geriatric experience. The first part of the evaluation was designed to gauge clinician satisfaction with existing products, and interviewed participants prior to being shown Comfort Release®. After seeing, testing and trying Comfort Release® bandages, they were interviewed again.

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