Product Evaluation with Adults

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GROUP: Our second product Evaluation consisted of 100 adults participating by answering questions before and after wearing sample Comfort Release bandages for two or three days. They were given limited background information and simple label instructions for use. All signed normal consent to participate in the evaluation. None were paid.

Pre-Test Reporting

Age Range: 17 to 94 years old // Gender Distribution: 48 females, 52 males

Used prior bandages and tapes

Almost all study participants had experience with other bandages and tapes

95% – Agree
5% – Disagree

Others fall off

Most participants reported that all other products fall off too easily

82% – Agree
18% – Disagree

Others fall off with bathing

Most participants reported that their previous bandages always fall off with simple bathing

78% – Agree
12% – Disagree
10% – Don’t Know

Satisfied with current bandages and tapes

Most participants are not satisfied with other adhesive bandages and tapes

80% – Disagree
20% – Agree

Post-Test Reporting

Comfort Release stayed on

99% of participants reported that Comfort Release stayed on better than any other used adhesive product

90% – Full test period 48 or 72 hours
9% – Most of the test period 24 to 36 hours
1% – Less than 12 hours

Used alcohol to remove

The Comfort Release adhesive samples were easily removed with rubbing alcohol

88% – Yes
9% – No
3% – Details not provided

Glue Residue

Very few participants had glue residue on their skin and they used the simple alcohol wipe to remove

94% – None
6% – Minimal

Satisfied with Comfort Release

Comfort Release improves patient satisfaction compared to current adhesive bandage and tapes from 20% to 94%

94% – Yes
6% – Same as other
0% – Worse