Bandage, tape, and dressing products

How It Works
See it in action!

Made with a unique polymer that allows for secure adhesion to the skin when it is needed-
while a simple swipe with rubbing alcohol triggers the adhesive to release for pain-free removal.

Easy on Skin. Easy to Use.

Medical products Bonita Springs, FL

Strong Acrylic Adhesion

Apply dressing, bandage, or tape to clean, dry skin free of oils or lotions. If necessary, clean the skin with rubbing alcohol and allow to dry, then apply the adhesive to the skin.

Medical products Bonita Springs, FL

Painless Trauma-Free Removal

Use an alcohol prep pad (or rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball) to wipe and soak the boarder of the dressing or bandage (or entire surface of the tape) – about 3-10 seconds.

Adhesive switches “off” and you can remove the dressing, bandage or tape painlessly and trauma-free

Medical products Bonita Springs, FL

No Messy Residue Left On Skin

To reapply or reposition, allow the rubbing alcohol to evaporate and reposition the dressing, bandage or tape on skin.

Perfect for anyone…especially those with sensitive skin, fragile skin or thin skin.

Comfort Release - Comparison

All of Comfort Release® adhesive products adhere with a strong acrylic bond but remove from the skin like a soft silicone adhesive product.

Our patented adhesive combines a natural plant-based polymer that acts as an adhesive “SWITCH”.

Wet the adhesive tape or dressing border with common rubbing alcohol (before removal) to TURN OFF the adhesive bond, and the product removes easily, painlessly and trauma-free.

Allow the rubbing alcohol to evaporate and the adhesive bond TURNS back ON.

No Pain, Plenty to Gain.

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Patented and Proven

Comfort Release® innovative products have undergone multiple product evaluations and are recommended by nurses, patients and caregivers.

Adhesive Transparent Dressings FL

Stays On
Remained adherent for 48-72 hours in 90% of patient through daily activities, including bathing. 1

Pain-free removal medical products

Releases Easy
Applied rubbing alcohol decreased peel force by >90% to easily remove bandage from the skin. 2

Medical products Bonita Springs, FL

Patients Approve
94% of adults interviewed* were satisfied with Comfort Release® adhesive tapes. 1

*Evaluation study of 100 adults trialing Comfort Release® medical tape for 2-3 days

Border Adhesive Foam Dressings Bonita SpringsPLEASE NOTE: We don’t recommend wear of any type of bandage or tape for more than three days. Apply Comfort Release® bandages and tapes over clean, dry skin. If the bandage is wet with water, allow it to dry before applying alcohol. Rubbing alcohol should only be applied topically, and never used on an open wound or skin burn. Rubbing alcohol is an eye irritant, and is toxic if ingested.

Pain-free bandages and tapes Bonita SpringsWARNING: Seek professional help for medical emergencies. Consult a physician for deep or penetrating wounds. If irritation or redness develops or persists, discontinue use of Comfort Release® and consult a physician. People with prior skin reactions to acrylic adhesives, skin burns, or allergic reactions to rubbing alcohol should not use Comfort Release®.