Why Choose Us?

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Supporting Today’s Care Standards

Our products were designed by clinicians to support better care practices, improve patient satisfaction, and help reduce the clinical and cost burden of medical adhesive-related skin injury (MARSI) in healthcare facilities.

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Unique & Transformative Technology
Comfort Release® has introduced cutting edge adhesive technology backed by five U.S. patents. This transformative technology is helping patients globally from suffering damaging effects of MARSI. Our advanced wound technology is ready for you to take full advantage and bring patients relief.

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Patient Approved
During a product evaluation study, Comfort Release® ranked high in patient satisfaction, a key factor of reimbursement. Our products achieved 86-96% satisfaction rates compared with 6-26% on other adhesive products for comparable criteria.1*

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Nurse Approved
Clinician acceptance is critical to the successful implementation of care practices. 100% of nurses interviewed agree that Comfort Release® tape would positively impact patient comfort and skin tear frequency. 2**

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Optimized for Healing
The high Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate (MVTR) allows Comfort Release® bandages and tapes to control water loss and optimize the wound surface for healing, helping to eliminate the accumulation of wound exudates.

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Cost Effective
The cost of a single medical tape application increases 10x for patients sustaining a related skin injury.3 Choosing the right wound care product can help healthcare facilities avoid the secondary costs associated with adhesion-related skin trauma and subsequent infection.

*Evaluation study of 100 adults trialing Comfort Release medical tape for 2-3 days.
**Survey of 9 nurses with an average 20 years’ experience treating pediatric, adult and geriatric patients.

The Sticking Point on Silicone

The soft consistency of silicone has positioned it as a traditional product in wound care due to its atraumatic nature. But silicones come with lower adhesive bonding. Comfort Release® provides maximum adhesion and comfort where it’s needed with trauma-free removal – eliminating the compromises of today’s adhesive products.

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