Global Biomedical Technologies’ team is dedicated to innovation in smart adhesive science to improve clinical outcomes and support healthcare providers. They clearly see the benefits in the patented oligomeric switch adhesive technology for a variety of medical products.

To that end they are proud to promote and advance the Comfort Release® portfolio as the next-generation breakthrough in skin health and wound healing for both acute care and advanced wound care settings.

Our Mission

to Protect Fragile Skin is to improve the clinician and patient experience by providing high quality acute and advanced adhesive wound care products with skin injury prevention solutions.

Our Vision

is for the lives we touch is to have a compassionate experience with a painless and trauma-free adhesive use and which is easily implemented everywhere care is provided.


Howard Rosing, MD, PhD
(o) 470-636-4410 ext 710
(fax) 800-591-5830

Jason A. Spector, MD, FACS
Chief Medical Officer
Chief Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Weill Cornell Medicine
(o) 646-962-8471

Yadong Wang, PhD.
Chief Scientific Consultant
McAdam Family Foundation Professor
of Heart Assist Technology
Meinig School of Biomedical Engineering
at Cornell University
(o) 607-255-4030

James Henry
Director of Strategic Partners
(o) 470-636-4410 ext 709
(fax) 800-591-5830

Brandon Arthurs
Director of Supply Chain
(o) 470-636-4410 ext 700
(fax) 800-591-5830

Leighton Lapierre
Director of Supply Chain
(o) 470-636-4410 ext 700
(fax) 800-591-5830

Denise Anderson, RN, WCC
Director of Clinical Operations & Communications
(o) 833-726-9269 ext 702
(fax) 800-591-5830

Staci Shelton
Account & Sales Manager
(o) 833-726-9269 ext 705
(fax) 800-591-5830

Maria Seibert, CPA
Manager of Accounts
(o) 470-636-4410 ext 704
(fax) 800-591-5830


Clinical Edge Consulting, LLC
Wound Care Specialists
(o) 401-808-9301

Excelsior Integrated, Inc.
Fulfillment Center Services

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Graphic Design Consultants

Paladin Medical®
Regulatory Specialists