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Comfort Release® at Home

Our same hospital-quality bandages are available for use at home Comfort Release® products are specifically designed for pain-free removal, perfect for caring for young children, aging parents, or anyone in your life with sensitive or fragile skin.

Comfort Release® products are:

  • Easy to apply
  • Made to release easily, decreasing skin pain and trauma
  • Breathable
  • Water resistant
  • Adjustable and replaceable
  • Designed to stick firmly for several days of normal activity

Comfort Release® is perfect* for:

  • Children and older adults
  • Anyone with sensitive, fragile or thin skin
  • Anyone taking blood thinners, steroids or other medications that affect the skin
  • Anyone who hates the pain of ripping off bandages
  • Anyone for whom common bandages fall off too easily

*People with prior skin reactions to acrylic adhesives, skin burns, or allergic reaction to rubbing alcohol should not use Comfort Release®.

Pain-free Removal

Unlike traditional bandages, Comfort Release® products come off easy – with no pain or discomfort – using just a swipe of rubbing alcohol. Once the alcohol evaporates, adhesive strength returns, so you can remove, reposition and replace Comfort Release® several times.


Wet a cotton ball with 70% isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol, or use 1-2 alcohol prep pads.

Wipe the entire outside of the bandage or tape or the border of the form dressing or the border of the transparent dressing with rubbing alcohol until it begins to lift easily from the skin (about 3-10 seconds).


Lift the bandage, tape, or dressing from the skin.


To reapply or reposition, simply allow the rubbing alcohol to evaporate and replace bandage, tape or dressing on skin.

Perfect for anyone…especially those with sensitive skin, fragile skin or thin skin.

PLEASE NOTE: We don’t recommend wear of any type of bandage or tape for more than three days. Apply Comfort Release® bandages and tapes over clean, dry skin. If the bandage is wet with water, allow it to dry before applying alcohol. Rubbing alcohol should only be applied topically, and never used on an open wound or skin burn. Rubbing alcohol is an eye irritant, and is toxic if ingested.

WARNING: Seek professional help for medical emergencies. Consult a physician for deep or penetrating wounds. If irritation or redness develops or persists, discontinue use of Comfort Release® and consult a physician. People with prior skin reactions to acrylic adhesives, skin burns, or allergic reactions to rubbing alcohol should not use Comfort Release®.

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