Product Evaluation with Children

Pain-free removal medical products

Our third product evaluation consisted of 100 children and their consenting adult. Each were asked to provide answers about their experience with other adhesive products and with the results of using Comfort Release samples. All consenting adults signed a written consent, and each child received a gift certificate to Toys”R”Us.

Pre-Test Reporting

Prior use of bandages and tapes

Most children have used other bandages and tapes

94% – Yes
6% – No

Fall off too easily

Most children and their parents report all other bandages and tapes fall off too easily

81% – Agree
19% – Disagree

Fall off with bathing

Most children lose their bandages with simple bathing

93% – Agree
7% – Disagree

Painful to remove

Most children complain of pain when bandages and tapes are removed

84% – Agree
16% – Disagree

Post-Test Reporting

Completed the 48 hour wear time test period

Most children wore Comfort Release samples for the full 48 hour test period.

All 14 children who did not complete the 48 hours of wear reported that the Comfort Release sample lasted longer than any other bandage previously used.

86 – Completed 48 hours of wear
14 – Did not complete 48 hours of wear

Of those 14 children:

5 – fell off >2 hr swims
2 – pulled off by other children
5 – lasted >24 hours fell off 2nd bath
2 – lasted <24 hours similar to others used

Release with alcohol

Most children used simple rubbing alcohol to remove the Comfort Release bandage. No child had side effects to the rubbing alcohol.

86% – Yes
14% – No

Glue Residue

Most removed Comfort Release bandage that left no glue residue. Those that did, removed easily with a swipe of the rubbing alcohol.

86% – No
14% – Yes

Painful to Remove

Comfort Release diminishes the pain and discomfort from removing bandages from the skin.

All 6 with slight discomfort, reported discomfort was less than from the removal of other bandages.

94% – No
6% – Slight discomfort

Would purchase Comfort Release bandages

Most children and their parents were overwhelming pleased with Comfort Release.
It eliminates the common problems with other bandages and tapes.

94% – Yes
6% – No