About Us

We are a fast-growing medical technology company with innovations in chemistry and biomaterials.

The company has invested extensively in research and development to find innovative solutions to today’s problems and to redefine existing markets.

We’ve also partnered with thought leaders in key scientific fields, combining their work and expertise with our own to develop practical, affordable, commercially viable innovations.

Comfort Release technology can be added to any adhesive bandage, IV site dressing, catheter securement device, border dressing, tape, adhesive drape, nasal dilator, electrodes and transdermal drug patches, and many other medical device applications with near-zero additional manufacturing costs to you. The possibilities are endless.

We developed this technology to help people of all ages who have experienced the discomfort associated with the removal of bandages or medical dressings.

Our new polymer is added during the manufacturing of the bandage without additional manufacturing costs. Our polymer cannot be added after your bandages are made.