The Clinical Case for Comfort Release®

Comfort Release bandages and tapes will revolutionize wound care in clinical settings.

Comfort Release is easy to remove with just a simple swipe of standard rubbing alcohol, with no pain, no tearing or damaging skin, and no discomfort to patients. Comfort Release improves product satisfaction on similar criteria to at least 86% to 96% from only 6% to 26% on other adhesive products. In addition to being well-accepted by patients, Comfort Release is easy to use. Simply follow the written package label instructions, and watch our instructional video.

Comfort Release bandages, tapes and dressings are priced lower than other adhesive products made specifically for sensitive skin, fragile skin or thin skin.

To learn how Comfort Release can help your practice, read the independent product evaluations (Study #1, Study #2 & Study #3) and published journal articles, then contact us using the contact form.