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With Comfort Release® wound coverage options, I know that my kids and patients will have the optimal adherence when it is on and it will be pain free when it’s time for removal. With Comfort Release®, I have the confidence that my management of a wound will not create another wound. And with that confidence, I can invest more care and time into my patient’s treatment and recovery. Debbie M. / Licensed Occupational Therapist

My son J.D. is 17 years old and is very active in sports and swimming. All previous tapes or bandages always easily fell off, and none stayed on while bathing. Your Comfort Release® tape is a new experience. It stayed stuck on for three days. It did not come while he participated in active sports or showered. We removed it easily with some rubbing alcohol and it was painless. Great stuff. – Cheryl D.

My daughter is 7 years old. She is very active and frequently needs a bandage. Some fall off too easily and others are too painful to remove. Some fall off while she plays and other while bathing. Your Comfort Release® tape solved both problems. It stayed on, and was easily removed with no play. Can’t wait to buy it. – Heather Z.

My son is 13 years old and, like typical kids, he is very active. All of the previous bandages either fall off during bathing or hurt too much to remove. Sometimes he goes without the needed bandage. Your CR bandage worked great and most notable to us was the fact that when it was removed with rubbing alcohol it did not leave any glue on his skin. – Amy F.

Skip Becker, Patient

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Patsy Carter Rattigan, Patient

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I recently had a routine colonoscopy. The nurses put in an IV line in my arm for fluids, with minimal discomfort. When the procedure was over, the nurse removed the bandage and tape that held the IV in place. Well, the pain to remove the tape was worse than the entire procedure! The tape pulled at my hair and skin on my arm and it HURT badly.

I told the nurse about Comfort Release® tapes. I have used them for minor scratches and cuts and they work great with no pain or pulling of my hair when removed. Even the nurse I told about Comfort Release said it would be a great product to use in their medical center. She even added that “every patient complains” as staff changes their bandages and tapes.

I am so pleased with your tapes and bandages that I told my doctor that with the Comfort Release® bandages there would be no more pain when taking off patients’ IV lines. Patients would be happy! They all wanted to know where to buy your Comfort Release® products. – Skip B.


I am 67 years old and have been plagued by thin skin for over 15 years. My skin bruises very easily on my arms and sometimes my legs, and these areas show large red bruises or tears. Before using Comfort Release®, I typically applied a bandage and a small pad. Releasing the bandage was always very painful and on occasion resulted in tearing my skin. The bandage is also unsightly and calls attention to my wounds.

I am very pleased to report that Comfort Release® represents a breakthrough in my treatment protocol. It is very easy to apply and can be sized to small or large areas. It is comfortable to wear and blends in with my skin color. It remained in place for several days and seems to have aided in healing my skin where it was cut or torn. I even wore it during a water aerobics class without losing bonding.

Lastly, using generic rubbing alcohol as a lubricant, I was able to peel the Comfort Release® tape off my skin easily and without pain or redness. Comfort Release is far superior to any previous bandage or wrapping I have used. I am very pleased with my experience with Comfort Release. – Patsy C.

My son is 11 years old. He frequently needs Band-Aids because of multiple scrapes and bruises. But none stay on and all hurt when removed. The Comfort Release® bandage stayed on for the full two days. It was very easy to remove and with no discomfort or pain. – Laura B.

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