Millions of patients around the world experience discomfort and skin injury as a result of adhesive bandages. At one time this was accepted as an inevitable consequence of using adhesive bandages and dressings. Now, there is a revolutionary new technique that “switches off” the adhesive effect of these bandages, allowing them to be removed with virtually no pain or skin damage, and be reapplied with little or no loss of adhesion.

Prevalence of Medical Adhesive Related Skin Injuries

A medical adhesive related skin injury is one where the epidermis is damaged by the force applied to remove an adhesive dressing. Also known as skin tears, this condition affects approximately 1.5 million Americans annually. While more prevalent among people such as the elderly who have dry and fragile skin, it also affects numerous patients of all ages including infants as well as adults with suppressed immune systems.

Medical adhesives need a high degree of adhesion to keep bandages and dressings in place and provide an adequate barrier against infection. Although adhesive strength deteriorates with time, it’s still enough to cause discomfort when dressings are removed, even with special care, and in many instances, they inflict skin damage.

Innovative Adhesion Formulation

This article in the International Journal of Adhesion and Adhesives documents that if Oligo(glycerol sebacate) is added to an acrylic adhesive, its peel strength is reduced by 90 percent within 20 seconds when wetted with 70 or 91 percent isopropyl alcohol. The formulation used results in little or no residue being left on the skin. The authors state, “Here we report a new, low-cost technology that results in adhesive bandages and dressings with high tack while allowing the consumer to remove the devices “on-command” via the application of a releasing agent without leaving residue on the skin.”

They further note that “Of significance is the ability to easily incorporate this technology into current manufacturing processes, which positively affects the cost to manufacture the desired medical dressings.”

Comfort Release®

The Comfort Release® brand of adhesive tapes, bandages and dressings is the result of these findings. Manufactured by Global Biomedical Technology, these products incorporate a patented release technology which temporarily switches off the adhesive when it’s time to remove the dressing. This solution largely overcomes the risk of medical adhesive-related skin injuries (MARSI) when removing dressings.

Comfort Release® Acute Wound Care Products

Comfort Release® offers two acute wound care products, bandages and medical tape. Both are available in 1-inch and 2-inch widths. Bandages are either 3 inches or 4 inches long, while the tape is sold in 4-yard rolls. Bandage packs include alcohol prep pads. Single and multiple packs are both available.

Comfort Release® Advanced Wound Care Products

These are waterproof transparent dressings with a breathable polyurethane center section that has a low strength adhesive. The dressing borders are made from a non-woven film with a strong barrier adhesive. A small amount of isopropyl alcohol is applied to the borders to trigger the release action.  Two sizes are available: 2.375 x 2.75 inches and 4 x 4.75 inches.

Comfort Release® Border Adhesive Foam Dressings

These dressings have a hydrophilic foam pad that keeps the area around a wound moist while absorbing excess exudate. The foam is breathable and able to expand by 50 percent for absorbing moisture. The dressing is surrounded by an adhesive border with Comfort Release’s patented release agent. Dressings are 4.25 inches square.

Additional Supplies

Although small packs of dressings and bandages come with alcohol preparation pads, larger packs intended for clinics and hospitals do not. Alternatively, large latex-free alcohol prep pads perform a dual function as an antiseptic cleanser and an easy-release agent. Sting-relief pads with 6 percent benzocaine added are supplied for patients who are sensitive to isopropyl alcohol.

Reduce Discomfort and the Incidence of MARSI 

You can alleviate your patients’ natural fear of pain associated with bandage removal by using Comfort Release® products. This novel solution is safe and effective. The significant reduction in peel strength greatly reduces the risk of pain and skin damage even with old and infirm patients. Request for a free sample to verify our claims for yourself.