Comfort Release ProductsCheered by moms, doctors and nurses, Comfort Release® bandages and adhesive tapes are putting smiles on the faces of patients and caregivers.

Invented by Howard Rosing* MD, PhD, Comfort Release® uses a patented technology that sticks when you need it and releases when you don’t.

Comfort Release® is a product developed by Global Biomedical Technologies to transform the medical bandage industry in the way wounds are treated now and into the future.

Global Biomedical Technologies president Rosing stated, “I expect this product to revolutionize the bandage industry because of the ease of use, the simplicity and practicality of the way the adhesive works to bring comfort and safety to the patient and user. It won’t re-open old wounds like traditional bandages.”

Each year, there are 1.5 million skin injuries associated with adhesive bandage removal in the U.S. alone. Dr. Rosing created the unique adhesive in response to a call from the medical community for bandaging that covers wounds, sticks well when you want it to and doesn’t adversely impact wounds when the bandage or tape is removed. Unlike traditional bandages that often remove hair and even skin along with the bandage, Comfort Release® bandages and tapes come off easily with no pain or discomfort.

Comfort Release® bandages and tapes are recommended by doctors and nurses for people with sensitive skin, thin skin, fragile skin, skin that bruises easily or anyone on medications.

And it’s not just the medical community that is giving this new product rave reviews. In test trials, moms overwhelmingly preferred affordable Comfort Release bandages because the bandages stay in place during normal bathing and physical activity, yet release gently when removed.

See the clinical studies and testimonials for results.

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*Howard Rosing, MD, PHD, is president and CEO of Global Biomedical Technologies

(o): 470-636-4410