There is a reason why “ripping off the bandage” has become a phrase synonymous with pain. Skin tears, hair pulls, blisters, bruising, and tissue damage leaves patients dreading getting their dressing changed which hinders the healing process. These issues have turned wound care into a double edged sword. That’s why we’ve developed Comfort Release® to ensure removing bandages is an easy, pain-free experience.

Comfort Release® is a line of advanced wound care dressings, bandages, and tapes that improve patient outcomes and help you provide pain-free care. With it you can dispense care while avoiding dressing-related wounds, and decreasing the risk of infection from skin tears, blisters, and damage to hair and healthy tissue.

We ran a product evaluation with a group of nurses, adult patients, and child patients with their caregivers to get their thoughts on our products. Take a deep dive into our results and see how Comfort Release® could improve your outcomes too in our FREE eBook: What Nurses and Their Patients Have to Say About Comfort Release®. It’s packed with all sorts of useful information on how the products work, and why they will be using them again. It’s the first and only adhesive of its kind!

Improve your patients’ outcomes with our line of releasable, replaceable, adjustable, painless adhesive bandage and tape. It sticks when you need it and releases when you don’t. It’s as simple as that. Click here to access your FREE copy of our new eBook.