We the American people, well, we like to band-aid everything.

We put on band-aids to cover up our failures, to hide battle wounds, and to temporarily mask heartbreak. We put on band-aids in an attempt to blunt pain, fear or doubt. We put on band-aids to try and ease the sting from the rejection we received, or to mend the burn we felt. We put on band-aids when we slip hard, and to ease the brunt of our falls.

When the hurt has passed, ripping off the bandage makes us feel uncomfortable and resurrects the same pain that we put it on to cover in the first place. It makes us feel uncomfortable from the very moment we begin to think about ripping it off. When we aren’t sure that we want to go through with it; aren’t sure if we can. Hence the saying, just rip it off – without delay and FAST and then cover the sting with a warm palm to squelch the burn.

Rather than hurt all over again, we need to use smart-enabled adhesive bandages as a means of painless protection. We should put on a bandage as a means to add a necessary barrier between us and whatever we need protection from. Everything that has hurt us, or has the potential to without resurrecting the pain upon removal. We apply the same concept in medicine when treating a virus. We want a complete pharmaceutical-grade solution as opposed to a temporary cough drop of a fix.

It’s time to “rip off” the use of bandages and turn to protection that goes on and stays on when you want it on and releases pain-free when you need it to. There is no need to open new wounds.

Comfort Release® has made this a reality and is a game-changer with breakthrough potential! Healing when on and healed when off. No pain and a healed wound gained!

Ask your doctor, “Why are you not using Comfort Release® on me?”